Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's been quite some time...

My sincere apologies for not posting any album reviews lately (not that anyone has noticed anyway). Being at college makes me feel as if my hands are tied and can no longer perform any kind of writing other than schoolwork-related. Shitty, I know. 

Anyhow, I decided that it's about time I get back into this since this is truly enjoyable for me. It's always great to spread the word of good music. I shall post a blog of my top 25 albums of 2010 and I may even do another album review in the next week or so. Either way, I'm getting pretty stoked about it and you should be too (because I need more viewers and fans out there haha). Whoever is reading this out there, I can't thank you enough! Stick around in the next week, and I'll definitely be posting something worthwhile! (:

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